A Note From Jaynee Scott

OKC Uptown Cleaners Founder and CEO

“I was attending OSU/OCCC majoring in Construction Management while working for a small construction company, MIRMAR Services. During my employment there I had developed an interest in starting my own cleaning business. As I began to research how to get started was still very uncertain about going out on my own. Luckily a year later my full-time job for the construction company came to an end and my dream began. Unwilling to return to ‘Corporate America’ my old idea of starting my own cleaning business became a reality.

I knew I loved to clean and I also knew I was good at it. I already had previous experience in the business working for my grandparents cleaning their residential and commercial property as well as their apartment complexes. I still remember the day when I would see stoves that I thought WE should have been thrown out, but my grandparents would have me pull the stoves onto the front yard and tell me to, “Get after it!” It had to look new, it had to be done 100% or not at all.

So in April of 2015, I made a decision to go for it, even though I was scared as hell I had business cards made with my current business name. I also got a bucket, cleaning supplies and a mop. I got my first job and then my second and then it wasn’t long before I started doing commercial businesses and contractor remodel cleanups.

I’m so proud of how far we’ve come since then and we love working with our excellent clients. We can’t wait to hear from you, so call or send us a note! Your perfect clean is just a phone call away!”

Our Mission

Our mission is not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them, we also provide many more like condos and apartment cleaning. Our unique Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System will ensure you’ll receive a healthy environment.

OKC Uptown Cleaning Services leads the industry in the artistry of deep cleaning residential, commercial businesses  and remodel clean up.
We deliver quality and individualized services to fit any clients’ needs. Our customized services range from outstanding basic to deep cleaning.
We only hire and train the most qualified and experienced people available in our industry. From the largest account down to the smallest of homes we stand behind our guarantee of 100% satisfaction.