In 2022, the U.S. had around 660,000 listings on Airbnb, according to Stratos Jet Charters. This means that there are countless opportunities waiting for you with your Airbnb rental. However, given the tight competition, you should make cleaning a priority to attract more guests.

Travelers always prefer a spotless unit that will give them the comfort and relaxation they need. So, if you’ve been contemplating, “Should I clean my Airbnb, or should I just hire an Airbnb cleaner?” Read on to know the pros and cons of doing it yourself and hiring a professional so you can make a well-informed decision.

Doing It Yourself

Taking the DIY route is an option when it comes to cleaning your rental property. You can save on costs and you can clean the space the way you want it. However, you’ll need to devote time to cleaning. Let’s talk more about the advantages and disadvantages below.

DIY Pros

DIY cleaning allows you to reduce costs, ensure security, and gain complete control of the property.

Saves Money

One of the major advantages of DIY is that it’s an economical choice. You won’t have to pay for a particular person, service, or company, so you can save a lot of money. According to Nerdwallet, the average cleaning fee per listing is $75. This varies and can go higher, especially for large properties. Hence, you can get more money by cleaning the space yourself. You can also set the maximum price accepted for the cleaning fee if you do a good enough job!

Ensures Safety and Security

Do you feel a bit uncomfortable about welcoming a stranger into your home for cleaning purposes? If so, the DIY route may be more beneficial for you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no one other than yourself will clean or move your precious items.

Full Control

DIY Airbnb cleaning is also a great choice for perfectionists or meticulous hosts. You have total control of the placement of certain items and decor as you clean the area. Moreover, since you’re the one cleaning, it’s easy to remember where you’ve put important things. Hence, you can reduce the risk of losing or misplacing them.

DIY Cons

Cleaning your Airbnb space yourself reduces focus, takes a lot of time, and results in lower availability. At the same time, you’re solely responsible for any complaints regarding tidiness.

Diverts Focus

DIY feels fulfilling, especially if you love cleaning. However, if your goal is to grow the business and gain more revenue, then the DIY route won’t help you in the long run. You might lose more money than you can save.

Time-consuming and Lower Booking Availability

One of the disadvantages of DIY is you’ll need to spend a lot of time cleaning. The bigger the rental space, the more time you need to make sure everything’s clean and comfortable for your guests. You might need one whole day for a smooth turnover cleaning. As a result, you can welcome fewer guests, which defeats the purpose of saving money. Moreover, if you’re already a busy person with children and other responsibilities, cleaning the rental house yourself may not be a great idea.

Bigger Responsibility

One of the main concerns of Airbnb guests is cleanliness. What’s clean for you may not be clean for the guests. Hence, if they complain, you have to take full responsibility. Meanwhile, a professional Airbnb cleaner has the tools and expertise to ensure your space is completely clean.

Hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Company

Like DIY, hiring an Airbnb cleaning company has its own pros and cons. Find out whether hiring professionals offer you more benefits.

Hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Company Pros

By contacting an Airbnb cleaning company, you can experience stellar results. They also have modern equipment and you can enjoy greater flexibility.

Exceptional Results

When you hire an Airbnb cleaner, you can expect the best results. These professionals are well-trained and experienced in cleaning various rental spaces. An Airbnb cleaning company like OKC Uptown Cleaning upholds consistently high cleaning standards. Hence, you can experience a hotel level of cleanliness that will leave your guests impressed.

Reliable Equipment

Airbnb cleaning companies also use quality products and cutting-edge equipment to make sure everything is immaculate. Each surface in your rental space is safe with their cleaning tools and solutions. Moreover, according to The Nest, an average American family spends around $600 per year on cleaning supplies. You might have to spend extra for your Airbnb unit if you do it yourself.


What’s great about professional Airbnb cleaners is their availability. They can accommodate your schedule or your guests. Last-minute bookings are also welcome. There are many cleaning staff as well, so you can expect fast but thorough results.

Smooth Communication

You can also experience efficient communication when you hire an Airbnb cleaner. A professional cleaning company usually has one point of contact. Hence, it’s easier to communicate with the team. You can relay what you want, expect, and need from them.

Hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Company Cons

Choosing a professional cleaning service doesn’t have too many disadvantages. However, there are a few considerations to make, including cost and the need for research.

Higher Cost

Hiring a cleaning company for your Airbnb space is more expensive than DIY. However, considering the time that you save and the excellent service that you’ll receive, getting a professional cleaner is a smart choice.

Needs Research

When getting a professional Airbnb cleaner, you’ll want to choose the best team that matches your expectations and standards for cleanliness. It might take a while before you can find the right cleaner for you, and you might need a little bit of experimentation.


The DIY route may be a practical choice as you can save money. However, you’ll have to allot time to cleaning and suffer from lower booking availability. Meanwhile, hiring a professional Airbnb cleaner may sound more expensive, but you’ll get stellar service and better feedback that can help your business grow. Contact OKC Uptown Cleaning today to maximize these benefits and more!