Whether you have children who love playing with glitter for their arts and crafts projects or you enjoy using glitter to decorate your nails, complete your makeup look, or accessorize, you’re probably no stranger to glitter spills and messes.

Yes, glitter can be fun and festive, but it can also be a pain to clean. Not only does it scatter anywhere and everywhere, but it also sticks to any surface it comes into contact with. If you want to learn the best-kept secrets for removing sparkly messes from your house, take a look at some of the tried and tested methods below.

Removing Glitter With a Lint Roller

Wondering how to get rid of glitter? It’s as simple as using a lint roller. A standard lint roller that you probably already have at home is a top-notch tool for removing glitter from your clothes, your furniture, and any other fabric in the house. Simply roll the lint roller over the affected areas and it will automatically pick up glitter particles. 

If you don’t have a lint roller at home at the moment, you can alternatively use tape. Scotch tape, duct tape, and masking tape all have the same sticky characteristic as a lint roller which makes them work just as well. 

Using a lint roller will be much more straightforward; you may have to cut the tape into individual strips. Either way, using this sticky method should have your house clean in no time!

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Another method to remove glitter is to use a vacuum cleaner. But take note, this usually works on only hard surfaces such as wooden floors, desks, and countertops. When you use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of glitter from carpets, furniture, and clothes, there’s a high chance that some glitter pieces will remain on the fabric as they often embed themselves within the tiny fibers. 

Plus, if you’re dealing with a large amount of spillage, a good tip is to first use a paper towel to collect the glitter particles in one place. Then, use the vacuum cleaner to suck up the entire pile. This quick and easy hack will take care of all the mess, leaving your surfaces nice and glitter-free. 

Using a Damp Cloth

If after using a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner, you still notice a bit of shimmer remaining on your surfaces, one solution is to use a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of the excess glitter. 

Lightly dampen your cloth and pat the affected areas. Don’t drag or wipe aggressively on the surfaces as doing so may further worsen the situation or damage your furniture. All you need to do is tap gently and let the microfiber cloth collect the pieces. 

Once you’re satisfied with the results, don’t forget to wash your microfiber cloth immediately. Otherwise, you may unintentionally add more glitter to other areas in the house. 

Take Note: Before using a damp cloth on your couch or upholstery, check the cleaning instructions first. Some fabrics can get damaged if you clean them with water. 

Using Play-doh

Play-doh and glitter are a match made in heaven. The sticky texture of play-doh essentially works the same way as a tape or lint roller would and collects the shimmery pieces with ease. 

Just keep in mind that some types of play-doh are made with colored dyes and can stain your carpets and furniture. If not, there’s a possibility that it may leave a sticky mess. If you want to use play-doh to remove glitter, limit the usage to hard surfaces, such as floors, tubs, tables, desks, and countertops. 

How To Prevent Glitter Spills

No matter these solutions, prevention is always better than any cure. In other words, it’s better to stop something from happening than to deal with it in the aftermath. If you want to learn how to prevent glitter spills around the house, here’s what you can do:

  • Implement a rule stating that glitter should only be used in one area of the house
  • Have your kids wash up and change clothes immediately after using any glitter
  • Before letting your children play with glitter, lay parchment paper on the surface for easy clean-up


There’s no doubt that dealing with glitter is nothing short of frustrating. It can be fun at first, but when the time comes for cleaning, that’s when everything goes downhill. 

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