Post Renovation Cleaning

Renovations involve a significant amount of work. The changes can take a week or even months to complete. You’re mistaken if you think you can sit back and enjoy the space after renovation work is complete. You need to complete post renovation cleaning to remove all dust that results from the construction work.

The scope of work after renovation can be enormous- you need vacuum carpets and upholstery, clean air vents and filters, wipe clean hard surfaces and clean every little thing in the house. If your house is being renovated, you need to call uptown cleaning services to clear the mess after the renovation is complete. Here are few reasons why you need professionals for post-renovation cleanup.


The newly renovated space typically contains hazards for anyone entering the area. The renovated site may have sharp nails scattered around, and the surface might be slippery, increasing the chances of slip and fall accidents. The professionals have the proper footwear, safety helmets, and other protective gear to keep them safe from hazards.

Keep in mind that the renovated sites have lots of dust around, which can harm your respiratory system. Moreover, using harsh chemicals to clean hard floors can also cause health concerns. When you hire uptown cleaning services, they will handle the cleaning exercise in the best way possible.

Time Savings

After the renovations are complete, you will be excited to use the new place. However, you cannot use it until it is thoroughly cleaned. If you decide to do the post renovation cleaning by yourself, it may take weeks or even a month to complete the cleaning. Besides, the work will leave you exhausted and have little energy to enjoy the new space.

When you hire a cleaning service, they arrive at your place with a well-trained team of professionals that can complete the cleaning in few days. Thus, hiring a cleaning service can help you save lots of time.


Hiring a cleaning service for post-renovation cleanup helps save money. If you do the cleaning task yourself, you have to buy cleaning chemicals, tools, safety gear and transport the items to the renovated site. All this will cost money besides there is no guarantee of good results after investing so much.

When you hire a cleaning service, they bring everything needed to clean the renovated site. If you compare the investment in DIY cleaning and the cost of hiring a cleaning service, you will save a significant amount by outsourcing post-renovation cleanup.

To sum up, these are some reasons to leave the post-renovation cleanup to experts.